Brand Strategy

Establishing your brand is a vital aspect of growing your business. Your brand represents the products or services you offer, encompassing your business name, logo, and design. Maintaining consistency is crucial to ensure that your brand resonates with your customers. This lays the foundation for fostering loyalty and shared values with both the community and consumers. With years of demonstrated expertise and a fresh perspective on cutting-edge techniques, Seashells Digital Media is well-equipped to support your brand-building journey.

Business Consulting

Embarking on a new business venture and feeling daunted by the myriad marketing options available? Let Seashells Digital Media assist in establishing the essential digital presence for your New Hampshire-based business and bolster your online visibility with our comprehensive range of digital services.

Email Marketing

Discover how Seashells Digital Media can enhance your email marketing strategy with compelling messaging. As a proud partner of Constant Contact, we are dedicated to maximizing your reach and driving higher open and click rates.

Social Media Management

Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of managing Facebook or Instagram? Let us provide the support you need. Our team at Seashells Digital Media is dedicated to helping busy entrepreneurs effectively engage with their target audience. We specialize in creating ads, crafting engaging text and image-based content for posts, networking with local businesses, nurturing leads, boosting engagement, conducting hashtag research, and much more. Count on Seashells Digital Media to enhance your online visibility and optimize your search presence.

PPC Management

PDiscover how Seashells Digital Media supports businesses with Google Ads. Our expertise in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, an internet marketing model designed to increase website traffic, enables us to develop a customized PPC strategy and oversee your campaigns across search engines such as Google. Our goal is to reduce the cost per click (CPC), enhance click-through rates (CTR), boost conversions, and establish a tailored strategy that aligns with your business needs.

With the service, our PPC expert will provide:

  • Bid & Budget Analysis
  • Campaign Creation
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Monthly Reporting

Website Design

You can rely on Seashells Digital Media for tailored website solutions using template-based systems like Wix or WordPress, as well as customized site creation to suit your unique requirements. If you’re seeking a revitalized online presence, we can assist you in reviewing your current site and crafting an updated look that resonates with your customers. Reach out to discover how we can support you today. Additionally, our SEO expertise ensures that your site is indexed on Google, driving potential customers interested in your products or services to your platform.

Lead Generation

At Seashells Digital Media, we specialize in lead generation through Social Media Ads. If you’re aiming to expand your customer database and enhance your presence on social media platforms, then lead generation and Social Media Ads are essential tools to achieve your business objectives. Get started today with a modest budget and witness how we can effectively connect you with your target demographic.

Nonprofit Consulting & Marketing

Many nonprofits aspire to create an impact, yet they may not be fully aware of the range of available tools, including branding marketing, Google Ad Grants, and more. Seashells Digital Media can guide you through leveraging these resources to support your cause. Additionally, we offer a 10% discount on our services to nonprofits.